About Us

With years of experience, Alpha Obedience Dog Training has an undying passion for the art of dog training and handler education.

Our family-based staff share an unconditional love of dogs and it is our passion to teach responsible ownership and strong Alpha pack leadership!

With all of our different training packages, we offer flexible and customized scheduling – all in varied settings – at multiple Utica, NY area locations.

In our many years in the industry, we have successfully trained and rehabilitated breeds of all shapes, sizes and temperaments, including: Poodles, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Labradors, Huskies, Pitbulls and everything in between.

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Our Services

Alpha Obedience Dog Training offers multiple levels of service to meet the individual needs of each client. For a complete listing of our offerings, please click here.

  1. Socialization

    Specialized program for young puppies. Provides the necessary foundation for your beloved companion. Focuses on creating well-adjusted, confident, secure, well-behaved canines.

  2. Individual Lessons

    Single lessons including consultation and recommendations for training designed around your dog’s specific behavior.

  3. Basic Obedience

    Lessons for dogs of any age designed to help socialize and train dogs with basic commands – loose leash walking, sit, stay, down, come. Learn to successfully communicate and handle your dog.

  4. Advanced Obedience

    Designed to ‘proof’ your dog’s obedience both on and off leash. Group classes with added distractions.

  5. Rehabilitation

    Custom tailored plans rehabilitating dogs on one specific issue – including: separation anxiety, aggression or fear (people, places, other animals, etc.)

Our Vision

Have you ever wished your dog would respond to your voice commands in the middle of a park where other dogs and people are causing distractions?

Alpha Obedience Dog Training is your solution! We’ll help you have complete control over your dog no matter what the situation brings!